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December 11, 2019

The Nightmares Underneath 2nd Edition

I don’t use this blog much anymore, but since I don’t have a new website set up yet, I should announce this here:

The second edition revision of The Nightmares Underneath is finished.

If you already bought the pdf (free or full version), you can download the new edition right away from your DriveThruRPG library. If you’d like a print copy, they are available from the Exalted Funeral webstore. I did an offset print run this time, collaborating with SoulMuppet Publishing, instead of continuing with print on demand. The result is a much better quality physical book. About half the print run is already gone at the time of this being posted, but there’s still copies available.

As with all my books, if you buy one in print and you want the pdf to go with it, email me at johnstone (dot) metzger (at) gmail (dot) com and I will hook you up for no extra charge.

What’s New?

The revised edition includes better explanations of the rules, some more setting material, more support for normal dungeons and looting them of their magic items, and perhaps most significantly, the spellcasting system no longer uses memorization (you can still use those rules from 1e if you prefer them). I have also removed the bestiary and the wilderness exploration rules, both of which will be expanded into full-sized supplements to be released in the future.