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September 25, 2013

Dungeon Planet Q&A

I did a Q&A on the #rpgnet IRC channel, mostly talking about Adventures on Dungeon Planet.
You can see the log of the whole thing at the Hardboiled GMshoe’s Office.

September 13, 2013

RK2: Evil Wizards in a Cave

So last post I said I was continuing the River Knife series of modules, and here I am, flogging the second installment! Evil Wizards in a Cave is a sandbox adventure module for the Dungeon World and Labyrinth Lord fantasy role-playing games.

DSC00052The Tellurine Monastery has a serious problem—a band of evil wizards have stolen their holiest relic, the helmet of Saint Anglard, and fled. The abbot believes they are hiding out in one of the region’s many caves, judging by the recent increase in weird occurrences. But can he find a group of adventurous mercenaries who won’t be distracted? This sandbox adventure offers more than just a quest! Dragons prowl the valley, a beastman is on the loose, and there are tales of a haunted house up in the mountains somewhere, full of treasure. What sort of trouble will you get up to here?

Some features:

  • Caves.
  • Evil wizards.
  • More evil wizards.
  • Those evil wizards? In caves.
  • Plus some other surprises buried throughout the hex map: Wandering monsters, treasures, a haunted house, and other secrets all over.

Evil Wizards in a Cave can be used as a sequel to RK1: Knives in the Dark, as the PCs make their way down the River Knife, it can be used in conjunction with other adventures and dungeons, or it can stand on its own just fine. All you need is an actual role-playing game in order to play it. Obviously, I recommend Labyrinth Lord if you’re from the old school and Dungeon World if you’re a dirty hippie storygamer.

The text of this module is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

Read a REVIEW by Jeremy Friesen of Take On Rules.

Read a REVIEW by Paul Baldowski of Geek Native.

Evil Wizards in a Cave is available from DriveThruRPG in pdf for US$5, and a print version is forthcoming.

Evil Wizards in a Cave is also available from Lulu, as a softcover, staple-bound booklet in B&W with creme-coloured pages, for US$12.

September 1, 2013

The First Six Months

Since I put Adventures on Dungeon Planet up for sale in March, the end of August marks the first six calendar months of me being a “professional” game design studio. These are my sales numbers so far (“print” includes bundled sales):

56 Dungeon Planet print
31 Dungeon Planet pdf

53 Dungeon Planet print
61 Dungeon Planet pdf

42 Dungeon Planet print
33 Dungeon Planet pdf

11 Dungeon Planet print
28 Dungeon Planet pdf

16 Dungeon Planet print
21 Dungeon Planet pdf
10 Lair print
44 Lair pdf

8 Dungeon Planet print
24 Dungeon Planet pdf
7 Knives print
23 Knives pdf
9 Lair print
27 Lair pdf


– From selling games, I’m basically pulling in half of a minimum wage salary right now. The end of September will mark the end of a full year of what roughly amounts to a full-time job designing rpgs (not that I actually keep track of my hours).

– If you want to at least try to compare all this with the DW-related kickstarter projects, compressing these six months of Dungeon Planet into similar figures gets us 384 backers with a total raised of something like $6,500-7,500, depending on how much I would be gouging people for shipping. You can probably use this comparison as an argument in favour of Kickstarter as a marketing platform.

– My marketing strategy is pretty crap, not gonna lie. It currently consists of little more than g+, SG, and “continue releasing books.” That third one takes up a lot of my time, though. You’d think that given the low sales of RK1 Knives in the Dark, I’d give up on that series altogether, but no, I’m doing more. They’re quality, so hopefully they’ll pay off at some point.