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May 20, 2019

Dungeon Full of Monsters Second Edition

A little while ago, I tried an experiment. I re-did the layout for Dungeon Full of Monsters, to change it from the US Trade 6×9 (and halfletter 5.5×8.5 pdf format) to the Letter Landscape 11×8.5 format. Turns out, it works much better!

The landscape format allows most of the dungeon entries to be complete on a 2-page spread, and thus much easier to consult in play. All the larger illustrations look better on a single page. The page count is lower and the print cost is cheaper. It’s a win all around.

So here’s the second edition!

Buy Dungeon Full of Monsters in pdf and print from DriveThruRPG.

Note: I had to make a new title listing in order to change the print format, but if you previously purchased the first edition, you can find the second edition pdf in your DriveThruRPG library. I updated the files before retiring the old title.