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November 29, 2013

Dungeon Planet in the Bundle of Holding!

The current Bundle of Holding features Adventures on Dungeon Planet!

The Bundle of Holding is a limited-time offer that lets you buy a collection of different rpg pdfs for cheap. This Thanksgiving Holiday bundle lets you buy Apocalypse World, Sagas of the Icelanders, and Perfect: Unrevised for just US$6.95. These are all good games and well worth that price! I bought all of them new and paid a lot more and I still don’t regret it.

You can always pay more money than that if you want, and you probably should because 10% of the total profits goes to charity: Doctors Without Borders and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Also, if you pay more you can get a bunch of extra games, like Adventures on Dungeon Planet and Dungeon World. If you read this blog, you probably already have those. But you get more: Durance, Nova Praxis, and Becoming.

Durance is a GM-less sci-fi game about life on a prison planet. I think this is probably my go-to game for GM-less play. Also, the planet creation rules are an excellent source of inspiration for any sci-fi game.

Nova Praxis is a transhumanist sci-fi Fate game. It’s also the best-constructed pdf in rpgs at the moment. Most people just give you the files they make the print version from, these guys made a thing that works super-well on your devices.

Becoming has just been added to the bonus games. It is really new, and has an interesting setup. One player is The Hero, everybody else plays Fates that try to oppose the Hero. Sort of a “one player, many GMs” type setup. It does multiple genres, too.

Right now (Friday morning), you can get all these pdfs for $19. The amount it takes to get the bonus stuff too will slowly increase over time, though, until the deal ends on Wednesday. If you have to wait till payday, though, the good news is you’ll still be getting a hella good deal.

November 4, 2013

New Monthly Monster Preview

Gozmo Zalandros, Wizard-God of DecapitationToday, I release the second and final preview for the Monthly Monster project on Patreon. This monster is Gozmo Zalandros, Wizard-God of Decapitation. He is a specific character, a wizard-turned-god with strange powers. As you can also see, he comes with a full-colour illustration. This is what future full-colour work will look like, if we get enough patrons to make that feasible. Ideally, we would like all the artwork to be full colour.

You can check out the pdfs of Gozmo Zalandros here:
Gozmo Zalandros for Dungeon World.
Gozmo Zalandros for Labyrinth Lord.


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