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October 28, 2016

Revising The Metamorphica

Since I mentioned I was doing a revised version of The Metamorphica a few days ago, people have been asking me about what additions I am making.
So here is a list of major changes:

1. The main mutation table has been tweaked slightly, with a few changes and a few additions. Nothing drastic, mostly just a series of small improvements. I’ve made small improvements to other tables in the book, but I’ll stick to the big additions for the rest of this list.

2. The character types have been folded into the campaign types, which are now each distinct chapters.

3. A random materials table.

4. Some short tables for quickly rolling up a monster’s basic appearance, attack type, defences, and motivations (these are different from mutant hordes and oriented more towards monsters that will see combat).

5. Hyperevolved animals procedures for the post-apocalyptic setting (different from uplifted animals).

6. Some tables for mutant plant societies and motives.

7. A table of specifically post-apocalyptic mutations.

8. A long table of post-apocalyptic junk (for scavenging and equipping purposes), rather simple and not highly detailed, but hopefully of some use.

9. A few extra tables for alien social structures.

10. A motivation table for demons.

11. A very long table of demon characteristics, containing powers, visual features, motivations, and weird habits, that you can use to build random demons.

12. A summoning mishap table, because demons.

13. A new chapter devoted to creating sci-fi gadgets and magic items (see note below).

14. I looked at how much money The Metamorphica has raised from people voluntarily paying for it over the last four-and-a-half years, and decided I should spend a bunch of that on some new illustrations by Nate Marcel.

The most drastic addition of all is The Ficto-Technica, a new chapter for generating scientific-sounding devices (and general technobabble), and more magical items. These are mostly mad-libs style, connecting words together to create the name of the item, similar to what you can see in Freebooters on the Frontier (by Jason Lutes), or the Odditional Materials version of Maze Rats (by Ben Milton), and both of those were an inspiration for the magic items section. But there’s also a few standard procedures for making weapons and armour that are magic, demon-possessed, or alive. I started this section a very long time ago (and even convinced my father to draw something for it), but it never turned into a book of its own, so now it’s part of The Metamorphica.

(Odditional Materials is free over at DriveThru, by the way. Check it out if you haven’t already done so.)

The revised edition of The Metamorphica should be out in December, and possibly there might be a few more small changes or additions, but for the most part, it’s done. Unlike the original, it won’t be a free product. I expect the pdf will be 10 bucks and the softcover will be less than 20, but I’m also going to try a hardcover via Lulu that has a dustjacket and sewn binding because those are pretty good quality.

The classic edition will remain freely available forever.