The Nameless Grimoire

is finally available in print!

The Nameless Grimoire is a supplement for The Nightmares Underneath (and other old school fantasy role-playing games) that covers all things magical, including:

  • 9 new character types: Avatar, Battle Wizard, Blood Caster, Chaos Mage, Druid, Mystic, Shadowsneak, Spellslinger, and Witch.
  • A new random equipment table for wizards and spellcasting characters.
  • More example magic items.
  • Rules for divine patrons and six example patrons covering all 5 alignments: Asklepios the Healer, the Crawling Chaos, the Dreamer in the Deep, Mog-Mnogoth the Opener of Ways, Sacred Geometry, and Yuhannah the Revealer.
  • 666 spells and dozens of variations, arranged in 33 spell schools (with simple guidelines for specialist caster), as well as a single d1000 table.
  • A short bestiary of new monsters mentioned in the spells, including demons, elementals, golems, and several types of supernatural reptiles.
  • Random spell name tables and random wizard name tables.
  • Cover by George Cotronis, and additional interior art by Nate Marcel.

The Nameless Grimoire includes all the spellcasting rules from The Nightmares Underneath core rulebook, so you can use these rules with other games. Though this book is written for The Nightmares Underneath, you don’t need to be playing that game to use them.

The pdf is Digest sized pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, while the print version is US Trade sized, 6 x 9 inches.


Softcovers and hardcovers with white pages, and the pdf version, are all available at DriveThruRPG.

At Lulu, you can find softcovers with cream-coloured pages and dustjacket hardcovers, also with cream-coloured pages.

8 Comments to “The Nameless Grimoire”

  1. Do you provide the The Nameless Grimoire PDF to Lulu purchasers same as TNU?

  2. hello

    i need to talk to your about a french radio review, thanks

  3. Hi, I like your work and I’m looking to buy nice hard copies of TNU & the Grimoire, but i’m having difficulty finding links to hardback books for purchase. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

  4. Will the hardcover of The Nameless Grimoire be available at Lulu again in the future?

    • I did an offset print run of The Nightmares Underneath (second edition), which is currently available through the Exalted Funeral webstore. Once The Nameless Grimoire is updated for the 2nd edition, it will be available in print. Either I’ll do a print run just like TNU or I’ll go back to print on demand.

  5. Will you be offering the hardcover version again through lulu at some point?

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