Revised Metamorphica in Print

meta_hc_picAfter wrestling with the print versions for far too long, The Metamorphica Revised is now available in three different print options:
1. Softcover from DriveThruRPG for US$20, and it comes with the pdf so you can skip the part where you have to ask me for it, but the quality is not quite as good as what you get from Lulu, if that matters to you.
2. Softcover from Lulu for US$20.
3. Hardcover from Lulu for US$30. This one comes with a dustjacket and lies flat on the table.
Many apologies for the long wait!

2 Comments to “Revised Metamorphica in Print”

  1. Johnstone;
    I’m creating a Gamma World clone for BRP and do I have permission to pack my mutations list from mutations from your original metamorphica pdf? This will intended to be a POD, for sale rulebook.

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