Class Warfare Errata

There’s always a few pesky typos somewhere. Class Warfare, being such a large book, and having gone through some major structural changes during construction, has a few more than my average release, unfortunately.

I try to correct these in the pdf when I find them, so if you have any typos in your pdf, download a new version from DriveThruRPG and hopefully it will have been corrected. If not, let me know, so I can fix it. Print versions are a lot slower to update because they are more of a hassle to work with (especially DriveThruRPG, because every change requires ordering a new proof). If any of the typos listed below are present in your print copy, I apologize, and I hope you will make a note of the change for yourself so it won’t trip you up in the future.

Here’s the mistakes that have been corrected so far:

Page 29, Questing Nature: “stat what you set out to do” should read “state what you set out to do.”

Page 33, Spirits of Knowledge: This move should not require Prayers to the Dead (because that move was tweaked and renamed for the Dust Eater class starting moves).

Page 39, Advanced Moves: In the first bullet point, it should not read “one of the other rogue specialties,” because this is the adventurer archetype. It should read “on of the other adventurer specialties.”

Page 106, Starting Moves: Under the first bullet point, it should read “reduce both your base damage by one die size (from d6 to d4)” because the disciple damage die is a d6 (not a d8).

Pages 130-131: The Elementalist specialty reads like it is a magician specialty, with “magician alignment” and “magician race option,” both of which should read “disciple” instead of “magician.”

Page 237, Control: the damage ignores armour (because it is psychic), but doesn’t explicitly say so.
Page 238, Jaws Around Your Spine: same thing, damage ignores armour.

Page 244, Bind: On a 10+, choose two options from the list.

Page 260, Stats: It should say objectivist specialty, not object reader specialty.

Page 316, The Hand That Calls: “life one-handed” should read “lift one-handed.”

Page 370, Psychic Blade: the ranges for the psychic blade should be hand and close, not hand and near. You get the near tag from the Flying Daggers of the Mind advanced move.

Page 426, Symphony of Battle: the last option should read “You throw off the effects of being stunned, confused, or enchanted.”

Page 461, Berserker should read the same as the Berserker move on page 447.

Thanks to everyone who brought these to my attention! I do appreciate it and I wish I had spotted them earlier.

8 Responses to “Class Warfare Errata”

  1. Reading over Flux again and noticing something strange about the Bind move:
    “On a 10+, also choose one option from the list below. On a 7-9, choose one:
    * There are no adverse side effects.
    * This bond lasts until you choose to break it.
    * You are able to weaken the bond without breaking it.”

    I’m thinking that it should actually be “choose two options…” for the 10+?

  2. In the Magic Spells section under Movement the “Fly” spell is listed under the Third Level sub-heading (along with Environmental Protection) but is tagged as “Level 5” in its description. Should it just be listed in the Fifth Level sub-heading along with the “Star Gate” spell?

    I’m thinking so since “Fly” is listed and tagged as Fifth Level in the Holy Spells section under the Sky Domain.

    • Yeah, I think it was supposed to be Level 5 in both. It would probably be fine to assume it’s Level 3 for magicians with Movements spells but Level 5 for disciples with Sky spells, because it’s a “more wizardly spell” or something, but I can’t remember if that was my original intention or not.

  3. Thanks! I’ll start a big, contentious debate with my group using your words. Should be a great time!

  4. I’ll probably just kill them either way. No guff necessary!


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