RK1: Knives in the Dark

The staple-bound booklet from Lulu!

Two centuries ago, the dreaded secret society of assassins were buried in their mountain fortress. But now a group of miners have uncovered this ancient stronghold, unleashing the evil held within. The shadows of the assassins have been waiting patiently for their freedom to come, and now it has. With their fingers like knives and their hearts calling out for vengeance, they emerge once more into the world.

Knives in the Dark is a short adventure module for both (or either of) the Dungeon World and Labyrinth Lord fantasy role-playing games.

Instead of wandering monsters, this module utilizes intelligent enemies, with their own plans and agendas that follow the PCs even after they leave the dungeon. That’s what it borrows from Dungeon World, but what about the Labyrinth Lord part? Both the dungeon and the wilderness around it are all mapped out, ready for your PCs to rampage through them like the rambunctious murderhobos all hopped up on magic potions that they are. If they don’t already have a reason to do so, this module gives you some help, with the church and the governor as possible patrons, and procedures for giving out tasty rumours and other interesting pieces of information.

You can see a short preview of Knives in the Dark HERE.

(It is not as long as the preview for Lair of the Unknown.)

The text of this module is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

Knives in the Dark is available from DriveThruRPG in pdf for US$5 and in print, as a perfect-bound, softcover book in B&W with white pages, for US$12.

Knives in the Dark is also available from Lulu, as a softcover, staple-bound booklet in B&W with cream-coloured pages, for US$12.

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