Space Wurm vs. Moonicorn video

Space Wurm vs. Moonicorn blog post.

2 Comments to “Space Wurm vs. Moonicorn video”

  1. Wow, I might not even play this game ever but I seriously considered getting it. I really like how you used different colours to mark chapters _and_ conserved legibility. Also, the illustrations are really badass!

    On an unrelated note, have you experimented more with the format used in “The Caves of Moreau County”?

    • Thank you. It’s my hope that there’s enough material in SWvsM that it’s valuable for any kind of science fantasy game, even if you don’t want to play the character classes.

      Over on the Monthly Monsters patreon, I’ve started releasing modular dungeon areas, with the intention of fitting them together in the same format as Caves of Moreau County, but on a larger scale (large areas instead of rooms, so there’s less work for the DM). It’s much more ambitious, but so far it seems to be working out okay.

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